How to Make Your Real Christmas Tree Last Longer

5 Tips on How to Make Your Christmas Tree Stay Fresher for Longer

There are so many different options for Christmas trees these days. Artificial Christmas trees, LED Christmas trees, white or pink Christmas trees and of course the ultimate REAL Christmas tree. 

For those of you who choose the 'real thing' we have 5 top tips for you to keep your tree fresher, so you can rock around it for longer.


real christmas tree

Here's a photo of me and my family choosing our Christmas tree back in 2013

What You Need to Do

1. Be Picky

When choosing a spouse we tend to be picky. Use a similar approach when choosing your tree. Make sure you go for the healthiest and strongest looking tree. To nail this do the following:

  • Avoid trees that have browning needles - these tend to die faster.
  • Run your fingers through the needles – avoid trees that easily shed green needles.
  • Bend a needle in half with your fingers. Unhealthy needles should snap, while fresh needles bend and should not break.

    2. Re-Trim the trunk

    Prior to setting your tree up, make sure you trim approximately one inch off the trunk of the tree. Once a tree is cut a layer of resin grows over the bottom of the trunk making it difficult for them to absorb water. Trimming them removes the resin allowing the tree to soak up more water, allowing it to stay healthier for longer.

    3. Keep your tree well hydrated

    Just like humans, trees need to stay hydrated too. Resin builds up at the base of trees once they’re cut so it’s important you keep the water level above the base of the trunk.

    4. Reduce Shock

    Once a tree has been cut it can go into shock. To reduce this we recommend you feed your Christmas tree two Aspirin by placing them into the water.

    5. Avoid the Heat

    It can be tempting to place your Christmas tree in picturesque areas, for example next to the fire place, heat pump or directly in the sunlight. However, it’s important for trees to avoid heat as this dries them out making their lifespan shorter. 

    And there you have it! Make sure you follow these tips when selecting your real Christmas tree. 

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    November 03, 2018 — Christmas Jumpers NZ



    Debbie said:

    Some great tips in here Christmas Jumpers NZ. I will make sure I use them when I get my tree in a few weeks lol.

    Thanks xx


    Michelle said:

    These are great, especially the aspirin tip I’ve never heard of that before, will give it a go this year. Thanks

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