A Crafty and Cost-Effective Idea For Secret Santa

A Crafty and Cost-Effective Idea For Secret Santa

It’s getting close to that time of year again, that’s right…Christmas is just around the corner! (Ya-hooo). 

There’s so much to think about – arranging presents, who’s house Christmas day will be at, planning your holiday and what to get your secret Santa!

Here at Christmas Jumpers NZ, we have a simple (and cost saving) solution to your Secret Santa worries with this creative idea - we call it ‘Rudolph’s Goodie Jar’.

Rudolph's Goodie Jar

Rudolph’s Goodie Jar is a basic glass jar, decorated to resemble Rudolph and filled with yummy treats. 

We choose to fill the jar with Maltesers and Jaffas to match the colours of Rudolph. However, you can fill yours with treats you desire (or with your secret Santa’s favourite treats).

Here is what the final result should look like - Super cute huh?!

Rudolph Reindeer Secrete Santa Jar

Follow the below steps to achieve the same result:

1. Purchase the necessary resources:

  • Glass jar – this can be purchased for $2.00 from Kmart. 
  • Red pop pom for the nose, eyes, ears, brown and tan paper and ribbon - You can purchase these from any craft shop (or your child's craft set).
  • Treats of your choice to fill the jar.

2. Wrap the brown paper around the jar to create Rudolph's body.

3. Super glue Rudolph's eyes and nose on to the brown paper.

4. Trim two small pieces off the pipe cleaners (Rudolph's ears) and glue them to resemble the above. Once the glue has dried superglue them to the jars lid.

5. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the lid and glue it on.

6. Cut out a piece of paper and write your secret Santa's name on it, hole punch it and thread a piece of ribbon through it - hang this around Rudolph's ears (as above image displays).

7. Fill the jar with treats.

...and that's all! Simple right?

You can get as creative as you like when putting this together, use your imagination and make sure you have fun during the process!

Do you have any other Secret Santa idea? Please share them with us in the comments below, we would love to hear them.

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