How to Make a Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

Simple & Easy Christmas Dish

With Christmas only 2 weeks away we just LOVE this idea for a simple and popular treat to take to the kids Christmas parties this year!

Re-live your childhood with this bright and colorful Fairy Bread Christmas Tree. It’s fun, tasty, and super easy to make. It also keeps the kiddies entertained as they love to help create it – bonus!


fair bread christmas tree how to make

 Steps to Create a Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

  1. Prepare the required amount of fairy bread. We recommend your choice of white bread. Whole-meal bread also works (not sure if the kids would approve though)!
  2. Cut bread slices into 4 triangles and butter one side of each triangle. You can choose to leave crusts on or to remove them.
  3. Arrange triangles into a Christmas tree shape. Use crusts to form the tree trunk. Nutella chocolate spread is a great feature for the trunk.
  4. Sprinkle buttered side of bread with hundreds and thousands. A green and red colour combo looks super festive.
  5. Don’t forget the star on top! A star shaped cookie cutter works perfectly here.


how to make a fairy bread christmas tree

And there you have it! This would have to be one of the easiest "bring a plate" creations we have seen. 

December 10, 2018 — Christmas Jumpers NZ

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