How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit - If You're Not Quite Feeling It

Top Tips to Get You In To The Festive Spirit

Christmas is just around the corner. And for the majority, the Christmas spirit is in full swing, but for some, the spirit is just not there.

Are you struggling to get into the Christmas Spirit this season? We have some tips to get you dashing into the festivities this festive season!



1. Lots of Decorations 

Get out the Christmas decorations and put the Christmas tree up. If you're living in an environment that is Christmassy and festive it will soon rub off on you!

2. Watch Christmas Movies

In our family we have a Christmas tradition to watch a Christmas movie on the first weekend of December. This never fails to get us excited for Christmas. I recommend watching a Christmas classic (or two) and prepare some festive treats to add to the experience. This is bound to get you pumped for Christmas.

Here are our favourite Christmas films:

 3. Start Listening to Christmas Carols

Crank out the Christmas carols and sing along. You may even want to create a playlist, either way the warm fuzzy Christmas feels will find their way to you!

Some of our favourites are:

4. Buy a Christmas Jumper or Christmas duvet

    This has Christmas written all over it! Invest in a novelty Christmas Jumper or Christmas Duvet. This is bound to put a smile on your face (and those around you) and create hype and excitement that the festive season is upon YOU!


    So for those of you who are struggling with getting in to the Christmas spirit this year, try out these tips and we can guarantee you will be feeling the festivities in no time!

    December 03, 2018 — Christmas Jumpers NZ

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